Welcome to Specialised Scrap Services QLD

Specialised Scrap Services Qld Pty Ltd has a vision of being one of the largest privately owned scrap metal recyclers in Queensland and expanding to interstate. SSSQ has built its business and continuously expands by offering competitive pricing, quality service and by developing long term customer relationships.

The company employs approximately 5 staff that are to service both NSW and Qld, to ensure a quick response to the removal of scrap from the various mine sites and companies throughout.

Specialised Scrap Services Qld Pty Ltd are dedicated to purchasing up to date equipment including a Komatsu PC220 excavator that is equipped with a grapple and a hydraulically powered generator set for an electromagnet. This machine is equipped with the required handrails, ROPS etc, the machine has had its grapple, lifting lug and dipper arm SWL tested. It should be noted that no other scrap loading equipment currently operating in the Bowen Basin has had this type of testing and certification.

Our fleet includes but not limited to

  • Oxy-Cutting Trucks loaded with all required equipment and Firefighting Trailer
  • 20 & 30T Excavators with attachments such as Magnets, Shears and grabs.
  • Loaders and Semi Trucks with 60 cubic meter tipper bins.

Specialised Scrap Services Qld Pty Ltd has acquired enough equipment to be able to decommission and disassembly and scrap metal stockpiles that require clean up.

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